Public Safety’s Emergency Medical Services provides for 24/7 coverage within Indian River Shores utilizing a highly trained and professional staff of 6 emergency medical technicians, 23 paramedics. The ambulances are both Braun Super Chief, 2007 and 2012 models, which is the premiere ambulance in the industry. The Braun Super Chief is larger and more convenient than any other ambulance on the market today. Both ambulances are built to Public Safety standards, and have communications systems which link the vehicle directly to Indian River Medical Center. The ambulances also have air conditioning systems specifically designed for operating in the tropics.


All Public Safety Officers are certified as either paramedics or EMTs and as patrol/police officers are always on the road. As such, they are typically the first to arrive at the scene of a medical emergency. For that reason, all patrol vehicles are equipped with defibrillation units and other life-saving equipment necessary to intervene in medical emergencies. Two paramedics respond on ambulance calls, and the ambulances carry a full compliment of cardiac life support medications, intravenous fluids, oxygen therapy, trauma kits, oral intubations, and other critical items.


Because police officers are continuously patrolling the roads, and simultaneously function as paramedics or EMTs, the 472 calls for medical assistance in 2016 had an average response time of less than five minutes.


Importantly, 911 saves lives. If a medical emergency occurs dial 911 immediately. Time during a medical emergency can be the patient’s worst enemy or benefit, and early intervention of pre-hospital care by dialing 9-1-1 does save lives. Do not call Public Safety or travel to the Public Safety Building. This action wastes valuable time and could have serious consequences.


In conjunction with the Department’s emphasis on health and safety, the Agency continues to offer free-of-charge health and safety programs to Town residents including, File of Life and 2-1-1 Sunshine. The Health and Safety section of this website provides complete details and sign-up instructions for these programs.

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