Sea Turtle Awareness and Protection


            Sea turtle nesting season within Indian River Shores is March 1st-September 30th.  During these months, beach walkers can make a significant contribution to sea turtle protection and conservation.  When enjoying the beach, beach walkers should remove balloons and plastic bags from the beach before the tide and winds return these items to the ocean.  Balloons and plastic bags can be mistaken by the turtles for jelly fish, a favorite food, and if these items are consumed by the turtles, could cause death.  Fishing lines, kite string, and any discarded lines from boats are also potential hazards to sea turtles and should also be collected.  These items can become tangled in a turtle’s flippers which hinders swimming ability to the point of potential drowning.  Importantly, if a resident sees an injured, dead, or stranded sea turtle on the beach, please call Public Safety at 231-2451 to file a non-emergency report, or call the Florida Wildlife Commission at 1-888-404-3922.  During the turtle nesting season, all beach front lighting should be shielded and not visible from the beach.  Lighting can disorient hatch-lings, causing them to crawl in the wrong direction, and potentially dehydrate and die.  Resident actions are very important to the preservation of these protected creatures.        

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