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Fire Truck

White Fire Truck


Public Safety provides all necessary fire suppression and a prevention service with the Town and is fully equipped to handle any fire related emergency.

The Fire Inspector has conducted over 294 fire prevention and readiness inspections (totaling 322 hours). . These inspections included suggestions related to the types of equipment and alarms required in order to be in compliance with current fire codes.

In 2016, the Department responded to 137 fire related calls for service. In April 2014, two new fire trucks were delivered to the Department. The Quint is equipped with a 75 foot ladder, which permits additional flexibility and reach in dealing with higher level fires. Additionally, this truck is fully equipped with state-of-the-art firefighting tools and provides an improved level of dependability and technology to the Department's capabilities. The new Pumper Engine includes all new technology advanced equipment and given its size, will be easier to navigate on the Town’s roadways. These two trucks have significantly added to the Department’s firefighting ability and overall professionalism.